It is truly amazing to live in this world where technology never stops improving. Today, social media websites are widely used by both young and old people. If you allot a huge chunk of your time on social media websites, you know that it takes a lot of effort just to reply to all your friend's private messages, comments, posts, and many others. If you are now tired of composing long messages and posts, why not try using emoticons? With just one click you can share your emotions with other people. Say goodbye to long and tiring messages and replies. Emoticons are looking to take social media websites by storm.


Another term for emoticons is "emojis". Through emojis, we can express different types of emotions such as fear, guilt, joy, anger, disgust, and many others. Once you try using emojis, you will know how fun, innovative, and helpful it can be.


 Believe it or not, emoji key board help you describe how you feel more than long messages does. The word emoji is from the Japanese language that means "smileys". This is utilized to show various sentiments or emotions. Today, you can easily download this for free. Once you have downloaded this program, you can now use it on your favorite social media websites. You will be seeing a small keyboard symbol near the comment or status box. Once you click this, several emojis will appear. You may utilize these emojis whenever you don't feel like talking or when you are uncertain of what to say.


A lot of times when we want to say sorry or we are guilty about something, we find it very difficult to compose a message. By using emojis, we can now express our feelings even without saying a word. You may find this very useful one day. To learn more about emoji, visit


Another advantage of using emojis is that it makes our post and status more appealing and interesting. If you plan to post something important like invitations to a special event, special messages, or advertisements,, it is advisable that you use emojis to your advantage. Using emoji shirt will easily catch the attention of other people.



When it comes to being expressive, using emojis is truly an advantage. They enable us to express our feelings even if we fall short of words. Whenever you are feeling shy, angry, or even lazy, you will find emojis very useful. Download the latest version of emojis and try it out on your favorite social media website.